8.4 billion connected things will be in use in 2017. Many of these devices are still severely lacking in security.

Cheap and small computer chips and other smartphone-related technologies have led to an explosion of IoT devices in industrial and consumer use.

However, there is one clear threat from the IoT roll-out – security. Since everything around us is becoming a computer, it has the same vulnerabilities as computers do. For example, several of the largest denial-of-service attacks ever have been executed from poorly-secured IoT devices.

One surprising solution for IoT security is the little chip everyone knows: the SIM card. The Subscriber Identity Module is actually a smart microprocessor chip with a very secure architecture. The problem currently is that SIM cards are expensive, tied to one provider and inflexible to use.

CONNAX has a team with deep knowledge in SIM-card embedded software. We showcased our embedded SIM development for the first time at Slush 2016. We have created unique SIM software giving birth to new generation of network agnostic IoT security elements. Using technology researched and developed by our engineers we are creating cheapest and most flexible off-the-shelf solution for securing any IoT device. Get in touch if you want to move to the next level in securing your IoT products.

We’re glad that there are so many people who support our ideas and vision and believe in our success. We recently received a major reinforcement from a new partner: Icebreaker.vc, who invested in our project. Icebreaker.vc is a venture capital firm and community for the brightest and nicest minds. CONNAX is happy to join the Icebreaker community and have a chance to work with one of the most creative venture funds in Finland!

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