CONNAX introduces “Best IoT startup idea competition” together with Draft

Draft is a microfunding program for startup ideas with long success history. It originally started from initiative of Karelia University of Applied Sciences that has seen a big potential in startup ideas of its students. So university wanted to support these ideas — this is how Draft was born.

When it’s just started, Draft was granting most successful student startup idea 5000€ to develop its idea further towards MVP. But pretty soon Draft organisers realised that this approach is not bringing expected results, it was decided — change program in favour of microfunding, diversity and guidance.

Nowadays Draft program consists of 4 consecutive rounds, each round equals one semester (half of the year) on which each selected team (and there are many) is granted with 1000€ for the round and provided with weekly business guidance. At the end of every round team of experienced judges evaluates progress of all teams and selects the best ones to the next round.

It happened so, that CONNAX team was one of the first Draft graduates, who has overcome all 4 rounds of the program and became Draft graduate. Now CONNAX wants to create a good tradition by establishing special Draft category — 1000€ for best IoT startup idea! Deadline for applications is 17th of September. Presentations will happen in Joensuu on 27th of September. Results will be announced in week after that.

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The coordinator of Draft program Heikki Immonen and CEO of CONNAX Ilya Sokolov think that initiative proposed by CONNAX can help the microfunding programs to grow nationwide. It will give a good possibility to lean-test thousands of startup ideas with small investments and low risks and create a strong platform for growth.

“In the end of the day we’re not here forever, so we should help others to grow by helping next wave of startups to be bigger and stronger than us.” says CEO of CONNAX Ilya Sokolov.

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