The mission of CONNAX is to decrease manufacturing and operational costs of IoT device manufacturers. We do it by the means of beautifully designed software, that automatically configures IoT devices with all necessary credentials and securely connects them to the variety of cloud platforms.

  • IoT devices require an individual ID
  • Devices need to be personalised
  • Selected devices need to interoperate
  • Security solutions are needed for deployment
  • High volume – low cost – easy management
  • End users demand security & control over data
  • IoT solutions should be easy to deploy & use
  • Devices should be interoperable with platforms
  • Devices need to be individually managed

Data arrives and leaves the authorised device
tamper-proof and can be sent securely

Criminals are unable to fake endpoints nor read
or change the data during communication

It’s easy to manage identity of connected devices
and integrate them with various services