CONNAX is a software company and our approach to solve the technological problem by using two connected modular applications: one working on a platform and other on the IoT device. Every single module in our application provides specific micro-service: messages queuing, delivery control, authentication etc.

The modular application, working on the side of IoT device is UTIM™Universal Thing Identity Module – software system on a chip, designed to securely and seamlessly connect devices to a platform and its applications. It provides device with unique identity and set of various microservices.

Data arrives and leaves the authorised device tamper-proof and can be sent securely

Criminals are unable to fake endpoints nor read or change the data during communication

It’s easy to manage identity of connected devices and integrate them with various services

We will be happy to work with IoT developers and users who would like to get End-point device protection & easy device integration with services of any platform. That’s why we will be also happy to work with IoT platforms who would like to easily provide its services to trusted devices and manage their identity.