CONNAX & iLEDea Oy to create secure smart city infrastructure.

Smart City it’s an environment where ICT meets IoT, helping us to manage city assets in secure way. Sounds exciting, but how to build this integrated environment? How to combine openness and security? How to build Smart City so it will be affordable for city authorities and its dwellers? There are many questions still remain unsolved…

There are numerous companies working in the IoT & ICT, but their developments are so uncoordinated that integrating their developments in the same environment could take ages. Some companies form alliances to dictate which standards should be used, but where one alliance ends, another starts…

What can be a theoretical solution for this “uncoordinated orchestra”? Perhaps one solution can be giants investing heavily in open standards. Other solution is smart use and streamline of the city resources that we already possess.

Today we’re going to tell you about second option — smart use of existing city infrastructure, that can become a platform for future growth of IoT. But what is the best place to integrate IoT in city infrastructure?

About two years ago very same question was asked by two founders of iLedea Oy: Alex & Oleg. By that time they’ve started mass led street lamps production and made their first steps in city installations. Soon they’ve realised that by small modification led lamp could be turned into fully functional LoRa gateway.

Starting from this discovery iLEDea Oy managed to integrate fully functional LoRa module into street lamp, not only giving their customers an ability to remotely manage street lamps, but also leaving a room for other IoT devices to hook up into the network. That was a moment of truth — now every installed lamp covered a wide area around it with LoRa network, providing connectivity service for thousands devices and sensors around it.

Of course having thousands devices connected to the network is a serious advantage, but also a big security threat. Unfortunately LoRa network by default has poor security involving main security functions as identification, authentication and integrity. In GSM for example, security solution is based on SIM card, but SIM will never work in LoRa due to its high price.

While we’re already working on security solution for Class-B networks and researching probability of usage SIM in LoRa networks we’ve met Alex & Oleg from iLEDea Oy and decided to work together. It was agreed that iLedea Oy provides LoRa connectivity platform and CONNAX provides security. Our first joint efforts will be deployed already in october-november 2017. We’re looking for partners — please contact us if you want to make city infrastructure friendly for IoT devices:

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